British Male Voice Actor

Award winning male voiceover artist providing voiceover for some of the world's biggest brands. Corporate voiceover, commercial voiceover or character voiceover all provided from his professional home studio. With a fast turnaround time and an ISDN capable studio get in touch today for a free quote or sample!


F1 2019

5th July 2019

I’m extremely happy to be able to reveal that I was involved in the new F1 2019 game!

Recording at the lovely Centroid studios in Pinewood, UK I was brought in to provide both motion and facial capture for a variety of roles in the game. You’ll find me inhabiting the bodies and faces of drivers, pit lane crew, crowds and more. Get yourself on the grid!

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

5th April 2019

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey from Salix Games launches today!

The team at Salix were an absolute delight to work with and it was my pleasure to give life to Sg.t Gully, Mr. Scott and a whole host of other characters. If you’re into Arthurian legends mixed with Jack the Ripper stories all wrapped up in an Adventure game, this is the one for you!

The Occupation

5th March 2019

The highly anticipated “The Occupation” from White Paper Games launches today and I’m incredibly happy to see this out in the wild at last. I’ve been working with the team at White Paper for close to 2 years and have the pleasure of playing one of the antagonists, Chance Crow along with some other minor characters.

A fixed time, narrative thriller this game is a fantastic example of the great work being done by Indie studios!

Pathfinder Kingmaker: Varnhold’s Lot

28th February 2019

Another RPG, more voices from me (immediately apologises for the terrible rhyme). Pathfinder Kingmaker has released its 2nd DLC today, Varnhold’s Lot.

I had the pleasure of voicing the main character, Maegar Varn. Join him as he struggles with the logistics of establishing a barony after a life as a humble mercenary. Oh, and you can romance him should you wish!