British Male Voice Actor

Award winning male voiceover artist providing voiceover for some of the world's biggest brands. Corporate voiceover, commercial voiceover or character voiceover all provided from his professional home studio. With a fast turnaround time and an ISDN capable studio get in touch today for a free quote or sample!

Female Voices

Whilst character voices are something of a speciality I’ve not quite perfected the ability to do a female voice just yet so I’ve put together some of my recommended female voices. These girls are some of the best in the business and I have no hesitation in recommending them!

Amelia Tyler

Amelia Tyler Female Voiceover

Amelia is a highly experienced voice actor, known for her ability to really breathe life into scripts and create unique, unforgettable characters.

Recent game roles include the enigmatic Malady in BAFTA-winning ‘Divinity Original Sin 2’, conflicted nymph queen Nyrissa in ‘Pathfinder: Kingmaker’, flustered confidante Cooper in ‘The Spectrum Retreat’, plus multiple characters in ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ (EA), ‘Forgotton Anne’ (Throughline Game/Square Enix), ‘Elite Dangerous’ (Frontier Developments), ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ (Ubisoft) and ‘Battlefield V’ (EA).

She’s also a trained screen and mocap/full performance capture actor.

Blanche Anderson

Blanche Anderson is a LIPA trained Scottish actress & voiceover artist living in London. Her voice is warm, husky, young and engaging. Blanche has worked for some great clients over the years from Virgin Atlantic to Specsavers, The BBC to The Royal Bank of Scotland and KPMG to Sky.

You may have come across Blanche’s voice on TV, Radio, Spotify or on a work training day – and yes, that’s her voice guiding you to ‘Cashier number 1’ in Lidl around Scotland too.

She has access to an ISDN studio, alternatively, she can provide WAV or MP3 files from her home set up.

Sara Secora

Whether you’re looking for a powerful and dramatic read, an approachable “girl-next-door” sound, or anything in between, Sara Secora is ready to tackle any read! Her natural and neutral American accent can easily be flipped into an impressive collection of British dialects which seamlessly allow her mold into any role.

While she specializes in the video game and animation fields, Secora has also touched upon work within film, commercial, audio books, and more. Armed with over three years of training and experience, Sara is fully equipped with a professionally built at-home studio and ready to breathe life into your scripts.

Sally Beaumont

Sally has been voicing games for over ten years and specialises in funny, strange and intriguing characters.

She’s a gaggle of mad Victorian ladies in Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklement, a cannibal in Alluvium and a singing puppeteer in Yorkshire Gubbins musical Aye Fair Lady. Other roles include Aliya in the demo level of Heaven’s Vault, several animals and humans in Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death, Guard Duty, Once Upon a Crime in the West, Lamplight City, and read 5000 confounding questions for Buzz!:The Schools Quiz.

She has her own studio and is available to direct by Skype.