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Award winning male voiceover artist providing voiceover for some of the world's biggest brands. Corporate voiceover, commercial voiceover or character voiceover all provided from his professional home studio. With a fast turnaround time and an ISDN capable studio get in touch today for a free quote or sample!


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Exceeded expectations. Lighting speed delivery.

"Jay was amazing to work with. Exceeded expectations. Lighting speed delivery. Easy to work with and a great communicator.

A couple of unique things about Jay. First, his demo reel shows a great selection of voice options to chose from... but none of them were exactly what we were looking for. However, when we told him what we wanted he was able to take our abstract ideas (about being educational, sincere, conversation etc) and transform those directions into EXACTLY what we had in mind.

So if you're thinking about hiring him... tell him what you want... give him a sample to read... I'm sure he can deliver what you want. We're very VERY impressed. Will use Jay's services many more times in the future. Secondly, he delivered our project within a day and made adjustments within the hour. Highly highly recommend."

- John Sweeney - Academy of Mine

"We are now big fans and I'll tell my colleagues about you as well!"

On receiving my read as Arnold Schwarzenegger Barbara had this to say:
"THIS IS GREAT!! Love it already, you are very talented, glad we found you! We are now big fans and I'll tell my colleagues about you as well!

-Barbara Schroeder, Answers Productions

Character Voiceover Tips: Learning an Accent

9th June 2016

Don’t learn an accent in character

Learning an accentOne of the biggest problems with accents and character voices is that it’s very difficult to disassemble them when they’ve been learnt together. What I mean by this is that if you create a character called “Friendly Scottish Nanny” you might find you have trouble doing a Scottish accent without it sounding like your character or vice versa, you might have trouble creating a friendly nanny without making her Scottish.

Always learn accents outside of a character voice and always try to make a character more than just a voice.

Check out the video below to see what I mean and its pitfalls!

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